Our Bitcoin Faucet is now officially online & running. Please support our Faucet for further improvements and possible rewards.

(Admin-Dated 02/10/2019)

Help, Support & Promote

Our faucet has just only been online and have a few incoming traffic. But like any other faucet out there, paid ads keeps the faucet running online and helps to keep it supported throughout its running-time. I know ads are quite annoying, but a minute of your time helps our faucet a lot. I do not support ads, neither do I encourage you to support them but doing so keeps our faucet alive and running. But please bear with me, I will share to my Supporters(Our Faucet Claimers / Sponsors) the achievements of “TheBitcoinFaucet” in the future. Higher returns means higher rewards.

I do believe in Bitcoin being a decentralize digital currency and for this reason I support the use of Bitcoin and the future progression its gonna make in years to come. Like any other faucet, we give small amount of Bitcoin in units of what is called satoshi, this is equivalent to 0.00000001 BTC, seems negligible but we give this free of charge. I may not be speakingfor of all the faucets out there, but just by giving free Bitcoin we are supporting its use, and as more people are being drawn to the use Bitcoin our VIsion of Bitcoin being accepted worldwide will come true.

(Admin-Dated 02/10/2019)

Future Rewards

Coming Soon!